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3 Quick Tips For A Beautiful Spring Lawn

3 Quick Tips For A Beautiful Spring Lawn

Springtime in Tallahassee means green lawns, blooming flowers, and beautiful weather!  It’s been a cold winter, but now is the time for growth and renewal. To ensure that your lawn is looking its best for spring, here are 3 quick tips provided by Tallahassee Lawn Services.

1. Spring Cleaning

Roll up your sleeves and pull out that rake – its time to start spring cleaning! Tallahassee winters can often leave your yard covered in fallen debris. This coverage can have damaging effects on your lawn if neglected. Raking removes leaves, helps control thatch build up, and encourages grass growth.

2. Go Green!

With the debris cleared away you can see your lawn once again! Unfortunately, you may notice some bare patches or areas where the grass is less dense. Not to worry, these patches can be fixed by planting new grass seeds. First, address the soil conditions that may be effecting the growth of your grass by getting a soil test. Then, treat your lawn as needed to achieve a neutral pH level (a 6.5 to 7.0 pH level is ideal for most grass types). Finally, its time to overseed, which is sowing seed over existing grass to fill in the bare spots. Apply a slow-release, low-nitrogen fertilizer and be sure to water regularly.

3. Fertilize and Flourish

Our final spring tip is to apply fertilizer and herbicides to your lawn. This will encourage grass growth and discourage weeds from sprouting up. Fertilizers should be applied early in the season when your lawn begins actively growing. Check the packaging of your fertilizer for directions and specific details, as fertilizer can actually damage your grass if used improperly. If your lawn called for some overseeding, avoid using herbicides in these areas, as it will prevent the grass seeds from germinating.


Follow these 3 tips and you can enjoy a beautiful, healthy lawn this spring. Want to feel the lush grass on your feet without the hassle of treating your own yard, or the cost of buying or renting expensive lawn equipment? Let Tallahassee Lawn Services maintain your yard year round! We specialize in lawn maintenance, shrub and turf care, tree and hedge trimming, weed removal, drainage work and pressure washing. If you need any professional lawn care services, contact us at 850-766-8370 to schedule an appointment.